Friday, August 21, 2009

I Didn't Think I'd Start Watching Lifetime At The Tender Age of 31..

..but those fat Weinstein f*ckers forced me there by moving Project Runway from my beloved Bravo to the station where Vagisil spends the most ad dollars. Maybe besides the WE channel, which I caught Jeff watching once and have never let him live down. But once I found this so called "Lifetime" channel on my handy Comcast digital cable and set my DVR to record it, all was right with the world once again. I FF through the menopause commericals anyway.

The show is exactly the same, with the 612 twist of not one but TWO weepy gays from Minnesota. One from ShakoChaskaHassen named Christopher Straub.. (ps: dude, just say you're from Minneapolis. Nobody cares about Shakopee or knows where it is, even me) and Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman. When they stopped blubbering for more than 5 seconds, they were able to "make it work' and created 2 of the top red carpet dresses...Shakopee even won the challenge. Apparently they were both at the l'etoile Project Runway event in St. Paul last night, which I probably would have gone to if I hadn't been hosting an event with about 250 Guacamole enthusiasts..I'll have photos and stories on that soon. It was madness but riguaculously fun. Winners included "The Hunt For Red Guactober" and "Guac Me Amadeus," - both teams in full costume.

Anyhoo, my favorite part of last night's PR ep was the guest judge appearance of "fashion designer" (of leggings..with knee pads, kind of a stretch.. get it), tanorexic, lezzy and all around orange hot mess LILO!! She seemed to be daydreaming herself into each dress, strutting down the red carpet at a credible awards show with SamRo by her side, wearing that stupid fedora and making her insanely annoying peace sign/tough lezzy face that makes me want to punch her...Poor Lilo, not sure how many red carpet invites will be coming your way due to your complete lack of movie roles, sweetie. But keep dreaming, and trying to get guest spots on reality shows where they pretend to take you seriously as a designer and fake spraytan inventor.

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