Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh How I've Missed You Pretty People:

Thank god Gossip Girl will be back on the airwaves in just 3 short weeks..I was starting to forget how pretty they all are, thanks to Bravo's "real life" version, NYC Prep. I hated it at first because all the kids are highly obnoxious, spoiled, selfish little brats who have not one ounce of self awareness. But somehow after watching it a few times I found myself tuning in just to see Jesse's unfortunate face and drawn out crossed eyed gazes at her true love, PC (Chuck Bass he is not, but is definitely trying to be) and the oddly shaped fish face of Camille, who we'll have the pleasure of watching swim around her bowl next season. Seriously, in all of the NYC prep schools, they couldn't have found a more attractive bunch? I know they're awkward teenies and all but almost everyone at my public high school in Orange County was hotter than these people. Seriously, Bravo, this is the best you can do??

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