Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Highlights:

1. Having El Jefe home from SF after being there for 2 weeks. Lil' G and I missed him like crazy..happy we don't have to be apart for long again any time soon.

2. Attending House Proud v3 at Honey with some of my favorite DJ/Househead friends Friday night while Jefe chilled at home with G. The place was packed, drinks were flowing and deep house beats by Bryan Gerrard, James Matthews and Eric Arcilla (Brownie) kept me dancing the entire night. So much fun to run into friends I hadn't seen in a while. Love my headz.

3. Saturday afternoon that included lunch in St. Paul with a friend who is most likely selling us his '99 Range Rover. I never really thought I'd drive an SUV but having a kid kind of changed all that. I spent enough time stuffing a stroller in the front seat of my Beetle convertible, groceries into a teense trunk and sliding around on icy/snowy roads to realize we need something a bit larger..and this one is large, in charge and luxurious. I love driving it..we are testing it out this week and will decide if we want to buy it..but I'm leaning toward hellz to the yes.

4. Late afternoon cocktails at our friends house in Shoreview that is currently getting a major renovation that will be ridiculously sweet when finished. We hadn't seen these friends in a while and it turned in to a late night hang sesh..but we had another friend coming over for even later night vino so had to get home. Love seeing our favorite peeps.

5. Relaxing Sunday that included a visit to Jeff's parents, family swim at the CBC followed by steam room/hot tub and catching up on "Dexter," "Hung," "How To Make It In America," etc, all of which I am loving in their current seasons.

6. Getting ready for a week.5 of fun with friends in SF and Marin, then coming back home to host Thanksgiving for both our families at our loft (for the first time ever) and prepping for the holidays which are approaching too quickly this year. Time flies when you're having fun.

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