Monday, November 7, 2011

Kristen Wiig as Kris Kardashian = Pure Genius

In case you missed it..this sketch prettymuch sums it up. Love Andy Samberg as MN's own Kris Humphries who signs the marriage certif with an X, and of course Kristen Wiig as egomaniacal, insane momager/plastic surgery whore/pimp for her own children Kris K is sadly spot on. So sick of this story being headline news, and being bombarded with ridiculous excuses from Kim about this whole disaster that is being taped for their "reality" show. I'm not sure how you can say you know you should have called off your wedding but got swept up and also "married for love." That is what I like to call a Kontradiction. I think these people are really sick and cannot tell the difference between reality and the E! network anymore. I used to watch E! but don't now due to the fact that Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashians have taken it over, and I hate them all. Kim came to "yeehaw Minnesota" over the weekend to talk to her ex-husby face to face instead of through tabloids and legal sweet. Hopefully that's the last time she'll be in the vicinity.

I did read this interesting article on CNN about Jason Moore, the guy who branded Paris Hilton as her manager for 10 years, and made her famous for being famous. Her association with Paris, in addition to her huge ass and sex tape is really the reason anyone knows who Kim K is. If her famewhore family wasn't so awful, they'd still just be known as the family of OJ Simpson's defense attorney..which really should have told us all we needed to know about them.

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