Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lady Love: Tina Fey

I have loved and admired Tina Fey for a long time. I loved her on "Weekend Update," especially when she co-hosted with Amy Poehler (who I also love), loved that she wrote "Mean Girls," (and "Mom Jeans") and was even friends with her on that little dinosaur known as Friendster. I learned about MySpace when she said "Sayonara Friendster, can't add enough friends on here, I'm heading over to the latest and greatest in social networking, this new thing called MySpace" (i'm sure it was funnier when she said it.) Then she created "30 Rock," which is one of my all-time favorite shows, impeccably imitated Sarah Palin, who is the worst, and wrote this book "Bossypants." I picked it up whilst shopping at an outdoor mall in The OC and found it almost impossible to put down once I started reading, right there at a fake French cafe with bad coffee. It's really funny, of course. But also sweet and touching and real and true. Her chapter on breast feeding made me cry because she put in to words exactly how I feel about the subject and wish I could have written even half that eloquently. And the behind-the-scenes info on impersonating Palin chapter is awesome. As are the awkward photos and descriptions of herself throughout the years. I suggested it to my book club and am suggesting to everyone: read this book. It's awesome.

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