Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KASKADE @ Epic 6.21 = One Amazing Night.

After a fabulous dinner on the patio of Butcher & The Boar (Kaskade was a fan) we headed to Epic for a pretty incredible evening with a packed club, lots of good friends and amazing sets by Bryan Gerrard, Fareoh and of course KASKADE! He's the best around, that's why he is the #1 DJ in America..and also still exactly the same hilarious, laid back and all around cool guy I've known for 10+ years. 

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posted by MRietmulder on Jun. 22, '12 at 2:01 PM
Who knew Mormons throw rad parties? Well, perhaps not a trait intrinsic to the religion (or one associated with piety in general), but few do it better than house hero/devout Mormon Kaskade.

The onetime Brigham Young University student blew through Epic last night on his sprawling 42-date "Freaks of Nature" tour that includes a few festival and arena stops.

As any great DJ should be, the real life Ryan Raddon was in complete control of the sticky room at all times during the course of his two-hour set, gently easing in with "Eyes" -- the opening track off last year's "Fire & Ice" album -- before warping into an all-out electro-house throb.

A theme quickly developed as the Chicago house-bred star teased Skylar Grey's porcelain vocal from "Room for Happiness" to a blooping, croaking squall, and later dribbled his classic "4 a.m." to a similar furor. It was a constant game of catch and release for the veteran dance maestro, who rarely let the dust settle on a track before pulling and prodding it in new directions. The attention-retaining ploy kept the crowd on its toes (and moving its feet), breaking up the 4/4 plod with unostentatiously effective builds and misty transitions, like one moving from a jittery skirmish to the trickling onset of "Lessons in Love," with confetti and smoke guns erupting alongside the drop.

An aerialist added a visual spectacle with a pair of appearances, the second time coming out to Dada Life's "Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker," halting the crowd during the buzzing party anthem as fans gazed at her swirling contortions above the stage.

Kaskade showcased an unreleased track that faked traditional house giddiness and did an about-face to a gargling electronica number, vaguely big-beaty, with an underlying bass line the dubstep generation could easily grab hold of.

His rollercoastering performance weaved through a scrambling remix of Nero's "Promises" and a hiccuping rendition of "Turn it Down," before throwing a series of electro jabs en route to quintessential crowd-cooler "I Remember" -- his Zen-like track with Deadmau5, which capped the night.

If every Kaskade show is this good, I'll party like a Mormon anytime.

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