Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Neighborhood News:

1. Very excited about the new Smack Shack restaurant going in across from Black Sheep on Washington Ave N & 6th just a couple of blocks from our loft.  Bon Appetit named their lobster roll one of the top 6 in the country and the space will be a laid back, neighborhood spot.the perfect place to walk to for lunch or dinner this summer when they open in late-June. Not the best for my girlish figure..I will probably look like a lobster roll by the end of summer. Check out the Star Trib article here.

2. Babies, Babies everywhere. Apparently there has been a crazy baby boom in the North Loop, which makes me happy. We have 10 kids in our building alone with more on the way and the playground nearby is busy every time we go. I'm glad people are realizing you don't need to immediately move to the suburbs when you have a kid. Life is much more interesting in the city and I love being in the middle of everything, being able to cab or walk when we go out (which is pretty often) and raising a hip little urban dude, who will be attending the University of Minnesota Lab School this fall for 2-year-old pre-school. Mpls is a small very livable city, which is why I live here. If I wanted to live in the burbs, I'd go to OC where the weather is perfect and we'd be close to the beach. Check out the Finance & Commerce article here.

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