Thursday, March 1, 2012


I could not care about football less. And luckily, I married an awesome guy who enjoys baseball, basketball, hockey and golf but does not find it necessary to tune in to football games other than the Superbowl, or attend live football games or join any sort of lame fantasty football leagues. Thank God.

BUT, I live in the North Loop of Minneapolis and have to see the eyesore embarrassment known as the Metrodome pretty often, and I hate it. Almost as bad an idea as Block E, it seriously makes an otherwise hip, well designed city seem really lame. So, I'm happy to see the news that the Vikings are bulldozing the marshmallow monstrosity and building a new stadium behind it. Hopefully this time the area around there will actually get built up with bars and restaurants since nothing really ever happened around the Metrodome. It will be nice to see something well designed when looking out from the top floor of the Guthrie instead of The Dome. Finally.

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