Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cupcake ATM 90210

Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills just started hawking cupcakes 24-hours a day from their fancy new Cupcake ATM. It's right in between the Sprinkles Cupcake shop and their new Sprinkles Ice Cream store. This seems like a lot of Sprinkles considering that nobody in BH eats anything. Cupcakes are super cute but highly the richies just use them as decorations?? Throw them at their assistants? Tip their gardeners/maids/drivers with cupcakes?? I tried a Sprinkles cupcake in Newport Beach when I was prego and it was ok..almost too sweet with a ridiculous heap of frosting, it was a little over the top. Which I guess will fit right in in BH. Drive that Bentley right up to the Sprinkles ATM at 3 am. Maybe there should be a camera inside to see who actually goes there (stoners) and it can have its own reality show called Cupcake ATM 90210. BTW the fancy cupcake shops like Sweets here in Mpls and St Paul have way more creative flavors and are better tasting cupcakes..maybe cuz people here - like moi- actually eat them. The mini ones anyway.

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