Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ritz Carlton.

Strange that I just came across this photo/cheesy joke because we were watching the US/Canada Olympic hockey game at The Loop Sunday afternoon with some friends and one of them was telling us how he recently hung out with Carlton, J Peterman from Seinfeld and a famous sports guy in Palm Springs. Random.

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  1. I wish I could dance like Carlton! The Fresh Prince was one of my favorite TV comedies from the 90s. I have a Carlton t-shirt! :)

    ps. If you're ever craving some great live house music, check out -- http://chicagohousefm.co.uk/

    It's house djs from around the globe (but mostly Chicago, the US and the UK) and they usually have live shows every night of the week. I only found it a week or so and I've kept coming back.

    pps. Hope your baby is doing well!

    ppps. Sort of sad to know that there will be no boat cruises this year... but who knows... maybe by the time we're all senior citizens you can start them up again and everyone can get a sweet senior citizen discount!