Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Highlights:

* Playdate with my fun mom friend C and her little guy J who's just a little younger than G. We took our guys to an indoor playground - first time I had ever checked one out. They both loved it and were so cute together. Then went to La Casita on Central for a yummy Mexican lunch and margs.

* Dinner at Black Sheep Pizza with Jeff's bro M, always fun to hang and always yummy at Black Sheep. I get the chop salad with the dressing from the house salad, a pepperoni pizza and chicken, pickled pepper pizza with added goat cheese (to share of course) and a beer. Yum Yum Yum.

* Birthday party with lots of fun friends at the new Eat Street Social, which is in the space formerly occupied by Azia's Caterpillar Lounge and the Mexican place next door. The space is cozy and very well decorated, similar to their other location, NE Social but bigger and with a full artisan cocktail list and mixologists on hand to slowly shake them together. But its worth the wait, they made me some excellent cocktails that I probably had too many of. We left to find a cab and saw Thom Pham coming out of his old Azia space that will reopen in the next few weeks, which I am very excited about. I know Thom so said hi and we wound up going back to Eat Street Social for another cocktail with him before finally heading home to relieve the babysitter.

* Family swim Saturday afternoon followed by a hot tub and steam to detox and prepare for Round 2 that night. Feb seems to be the month that many of my friends were born, so we have had at least one birthday celebration every weekend, sometimes two or three. This was no exception and we got to first celebrate with our hilarious besties E & D for D's bday with cocktails at Ginger Hop, followed by more cocktails and yummy sushi at Masu. Then it was on to another friend's bday celebration at The Front, which I had never been to before. But apparently a lot of people go there cuz it was packed, and we randomly ran into a big group of guys who we are friends with, who are hilarious. They made me do some shots and paid for my drinks the rest of the night. Super fun.

* Attending 89.3 The Current's "Rock The Cradle" event at MIA that was fun but insane..so many kids packed in there. Ran into some random friends and met up with friends we planned to meet up with and their kiddies, perused the musical instrument petting zoo and various musical stations where G tried to steal a mandolin, strummed harps and guitars, drummed on bongos, shook maracas and had the time. But then we were all starving and the only place serving food literally ran out of everything so we left and stuffed ourselves at Burger Jones..I love that place. The salted caramel shake and Chubby Cheddar burger are worth the calories..seriously.

* Heading down to the new Amsterdam Bar & Hall in downtown St Paul to see the show I did PR for with two talented teens, Sophie Peters & Franco Meschini who really are extremely talented. I hadn't seen them perform before and was really blown away. So good - both local musicians to look out for as they are both working on albums now. They did an amazing version of my favorite song "A Thousand Years" and dedicated it to Sophie's friend and her Benidle St Margaret fellow student Jack Jablonski..if you haven't heard of him, check it out and donate if you can.

* Watching The Oscars..even though it was boring and Billy Crystal really isn't that funny. My favorite part is that our neighbors host an annual fancy Oscar party so we can put Gus on the red carpet in his onesie..this year he was wearing a Thomas The Train "choo-choo" ensemble.

* Running it all off on the treadmill (well part of it) and then taking a long steam last night and trying to be healthy this week to prepare for the weekend with more dinner plans with more fun friends and then heading to OC next Tuesday where I will surely put away a couple Double Doubles, lots of tacos and maybe some Chick-Fill-A.

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