Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RIP Davy Jones. We'll Always Have "Boy Meets World" - Rave On.



Very sad to see that Davy Jones had a heart attack and passed away earlier today at just 66 years old. I used to watch "The Monkees" and loved all their catchy tunes when I was little. Then, when I was 18, a friend of mine told me how easy it was to become an Extra with Central Casting. I went up to LA one day and they took my photo, put me in the database and gave me a number to call. When I didn't have to work as a barrista at Cafe Lolo, a very sassy little cafe in The OC, or go to my college classes, I would call the hotline and see if I was right for any of the extra castings. Just so happened that the first job I got was on "Boy Meets World," and it was a very special episode starring Davy and his fellow Monkees. The wardrobe people put me in a tight lime green and white striped shirt, tight lime green leopard skirt, orange beret and called me a "raver." If you go to the times above on the clips you can catch a brief glimpse of my acting debut...others shows I was on include BH 90210, Party of Five, Law & Order and a few commercials for Diet Coke and Disneyland. Of course as an extra I was never allowed to talk to or disturb the talent but Davy seemed very nice and had very white tennis shoes. Rest in peace, Davy.

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