Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Makes Me Want To Move Back to Cali ASAP.

1. Dave Ryan is not funny.

2. Did the people making this watch any of the other Sh*t __Says videos? They are all basically in the same style, which was definitely not achieved by this video. Driving through a suburban neighborhood or standing in a suburban house just doesn't cut it.

3. I've learned through mentioning this video to friends that everyone I know really hates Dave Ryan.

4. While I know some people in MN say all of these things, I personally don't know how anyone finds this funny. Even if you grew up here and say the same things. But I guess if you like Dave Ryan, then we don't really have the same sense of humor then, do we?

5. Can someone else with some talent please make another Sh*t People In MN Say that could make fun of certain aspects of the state but still show it's a really great place to live as all of the other ones have done ie NY, SF, LA. Please?? This just makes MN look like bumpkinland.

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