Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eatin Good In The Neighborhood

It's always fun to have family or friends in town so we can take them to our favorite restaurants, and luckily we don't even have to leave our neighborhood for really amazing meals. Wednesday night we walked down to Haute Dish, where I had a delish beet salad and cheeseburger and shared some of Jefe's King Crab mac-n-cheese. My mom and sister both had the pumpkin stew that was served in actual pumpkins.

Friday was surprisingly warm and we took advantage of the nice weather by walking down to Nicolett Mall to catch the Hollidazzle Parade, which Gus was literally dazzled by. Then my parents had some friends over to our loft for dinner and Jeff and I took my sibs out for drinks at Chambers, margaritas and yummy Mexican tapas at Barrio and a sangria at Solera before walking home through Target Field to show them the plaza. They loved it all.

Saturday we hit the new gastropub Pat's Tap in South Mpls for burgers, beer, pool and skee ball - a winning combo. That night my parents and sister returned to warmer temps in The OC and Jeff's parents watched Gus so we could hang w my bro. We saw "The Descendants" at  theWest End which I was dying to see since I LOVED the book and can't get enough of Mr. Clooney. It was fantastic, highly recommend the book and movie. It was freezing out but we braved the parking ramp and piled in our "new", family friendly '99 Range Rover that I am kind of loving, parked it at home and walked across the street for some late night pasta and vino at Bar La Grassa, which is really the perfect way to end a night. And we laughed off a few of the calories with SNL, it was pretty hilarious this week.

Sunday we picked up our tree, which fit much better on the Range Rover than the Beetle convertible or Golf that our last 10 trees have hosted, to much laughter from the tree lot guys. Getting the tree and loft all decorated and gearing up for the holidaze, 2 weeks of which will be spent in The OC, which I am very much looking forward to as it is about 60 degrees warmer there than MN.

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