Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hidin' in the Bushes, Spyin' on the Gays. You Stay Classy, Michele Bachmann.

I'm not going to waste my time typing up a rant about how insane and stupid Michele Bachmann is and what an embarrassment she is to the state of Minnesota, the USA and womankind. But, I will copy and paste this awesome write up from Footage Not Found showing her crouching behind a bush, spying on the gays. Klassy with a K, Michele.

"Back in 2005 Michele Bachmann was a lowly Minnesota State Senator.  Bored with the prospect of never wielding the great power that she believes God has intended for her, she decided to jumpstart her political career.  How did she do that?  She attempted to circumvent Senate Committee process, and force the MN Senate to vote on an amendment that would end civil unions and outlaw gay marriage.  Naturally she decided to do this on a day where approximately 2,500 GLBT supporters were rallying on the capitol steps.  Because she is a total bigoted dickhole, the Senate voted down her amendment in a landslide.  Devastated by her crushing defeat, Bachmann decided to go spy on the protesters.  Here is a picture of her hiding behind some bushes (SERIOUSLY CROUCHING BEHIND SOME BUSHES!), spying on the gays.  To this day, this remains my favorite MB moment, and I honestly don’t know how she’ll ever top it…but I remain hopeful."

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