Friday, July 29, 2011

Can't Stop Listening To: Kaskade's "Eyes"

I dare you to watch the video above without tearing up a little..Kaskade's new song "Eyes" is epic. It gives me chills, and makes me cry. I texted him that Monday night from my roofdeck as I watched that video on repeat and we had a nice little exchange. Tuesday we flew to San Francisco, and Wednesday I spent driving around SF to all my favorite old neighborhoods, taking a little trip down memory lane while listening to Kaskade's "It's You, It's Me," which was basically the soundtrack to my soul for several years there. Some of my favorite memories were of going to see Kaskade spin at DNA Lounge, sometimes after dining with him in time I drove like the wind from a work dinner in Healdsburg to catch his show - alone - and went up the DJ booth and showed him my sparkly new engagement ring that we were both pretty excited about, then danced my arse off all night. Too many good times to count..I can't imagine spending my 20s anywhere else,  and being friends with the coolest DJ in town made it all the sweeter.

Anyhoo, Wednesday night we went to have some Indian food with friends in Marin and as I was putting Gus down for the night in his crib got a notice that my journalist friend Jen in NYC had posted a Gawker story on my wall about the ridiculous number of people who had shown up to see Kaskade spin before the EDC movie premiere in Hollywood earlier that night. I came downstairs and told Jeff about it and we spent the next several hours glued to the internet to see the craziness unfold - literally watching a story about our friend and a "near riot in LA" go viral, from being a Google Trending Topic to landing on MSNBC and Reuters to MTV and Rolling Stone. Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard about it..if not, look it up.

Love that he played the celeb studded after-party at Supperclub LA and was hanging out with Paris Hilton, who tweeted, "Had the best time with and his beautiful wife. Such a sweet couple. "

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