Saturday, May 14, 2011

This Week In Marin..

*Saturday: celebrated Mother's Day a day early with lunch in SF at my favorite restaurant, Betelnut. Was happy Gus also highly enjoyed the pork spare ribs, pork and chicken dumplings with a ginger sauce, shrimp fried rice and szechuan green beans. Plus a little hot sake and beer for mommy and daddy..delish. After chasing birds and trying on hats in the Marina, we met up with our good friend from MN who recently moved to SF..was great to catch up.

*Sunday: spent my 2nd actual Mother's Day wine tasting with some of our favorite peeps from MN who were out here for a wedding last weekend. We got all fancy and rented a limo to take us around to bubbly wineries, and it was awesome. Found a fabulous Brazilian nanny who hung out with Gus for the day so we could have the time. But we still missed the lil' guy lots.

*Monday: took the bus over to Strawberry Village on the way to Tiburon so I could gobble down a double double at In-n-Out. Gus slept through burger heaven so I stopped at the store and grabbed some blueberries and bananas he could munch on in the park once we finally woke up about 2.5 hours later. Apparently he likes the bay breeze wafting through his stroller. We  I) walked, kept walking and then walked some more. It's just so beautiful between Strawberry and Belvedere, I couldn't stop. Along the way we found a bird sanctuary with a great little beach where Gus enjoyed throwing rocks, eating sand and wanted to walk into the bay. After being fairly exhausted and getting us on two buses, we finally met El Jefe in downtown Mill Valley and took Gus to the playground in the forest, which he loves. Then had some refreshing happy hour priced cocktails and a cheese plate on the patio at Balboa Cafe and took the bus home. I literally wore myself out and went to bed at 9pm..couldn't even stay up for Gossip Girl. Le sigh.

*Tuesday: met up with two fabulous moms I am lucky enough to know here for a play date at the forest playground and lunch in Mill Valley. Gus loved playing with the kiddies and I loved hanging with the moms - it's a win win. Then that night we had a hilarious and delicious ladies night out in the Mission with two of our other lady friends. Too much champagne, many laughs and plans for Kabuki Spa, more boozy lady dates and a weekend in Vegas. Loves.

*Wednesday: walked about 2.5 miles each way to the grocery store just cuz I didn't feel like taking the bus. And we stopped for some yummy crab tacos, chips and salsa and sangria, followed by some cake batter fro yo at YoLo yogurt lounge that I had to burn off. Got home just in time for a quick glass of white wine on the patio before one of my favorite ladies picked us up and took us to her new house in San Rafael for a BBQ. Her hubby grabbed El Jefe from his job and we had an awesome night catching up with two of our bffs who moved out here last fall.

*Thursday: planned to go to Sausalito and waited around our barn all day for the one bus that goes directly there, then managed to miss it by 10 seconds. We grabbed a little lunch, walked a bit and came back to the barn to enjoy the lovely day. Then a former co-worker of Jeff's joined us for dinner at Samurai in Mill Valley which was really good Japanese food. I got some grilled steak and shrimp with dipping sauces, broccoli and carrots that Gus ate more than half of - apparently he loved Japanese food. The guys got sushi and I was happy to get my warm sake and beer..a winning combo, esp when I don't have to drive anywhere.

*Friday: got up and out of the barn fairly early so I could return a dress I had bought last week at Beneton in Sausalito. Getting there involves taking two buses unless I wait for the 3:41 bus, but luckily getting Gus on the bus is much easier now that I have my friend's umbrella stroller, instead of the big clunky travel system we came here with. We got there pretty easily but returning my dress was not as simple since they refused to give me my money back, said all of Sausalito has a "no returns" policy and told me I "should have asked" when I told them it's highly ridic that they don't tell people that as they are purchasing items. I managed to find a long, grey chunky sweater that was on sale for the same price and got that instead..which actually turned out to be a good thing since we took the ferry over to SF and it was really windy in the city. Gus fell asleep in the stroller as I was nearing one of my favorite restaurants, Globe, so decided to treat myself to a fancy lunch while he slept, since dining is becoming less of a luxurious experience with a 13-month-old devouring food, making a mess and wanting to walk around as soon as his little belly is full. I had a yummy lunch with a glass of bubbly and read my whodunnit on my iPhone with iBooks - something that is really awesome to have when traveling. Then he woke up, took over the entire restaurant which luckily was empty at 2:30 on a Friday, tried to go in the kitchen, the bar and out the door and ran around scarfing down chunks of  bread. I walked him through North Beach to the playground, and he loved it. Then we walked up to the wharf and waited for the ferry to take us back to Sausalito and luckily found a panda kite to distract him for a bit. We finally got back to downtown Mill Valley around 6 pm, met Jefe at the very hopping Beerworks for a beer and saw how the richie riches in Mill Valley live on a Friday night. It has a very European village feel and apparently on Friday night everyone gets dressed up and heads downtown to see and be seen in the restaurants. There are tons of families out and about, with babies and young kids in every establishment, which is awesome. None of the judgey MN "why is your baby out in the world and not at home in bed at 7 pm" shiznit. We topped it all off with dinner at Punjab Burritos, which is basically a normal Indian meal wrapped up in a burrito, and it's amazing. I'll definitely go back for more. Then we hopped on the bus and are chilling at home with some red vino after a busy, fun and slightly exhausting week in Marin.

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