Friday, March 18, 2011

Self-Zing: I've Totally Done This.

Although I think I am excused for this behavior because we have celebrated several St. Patty's Day's while on a school bus with a rowdy bunch of friends, bar hopping around Irish pubs in St. Paul all day long and its prettymuch impossible not to get intoxicated. Everyone on the bus usually embarrasses themselves in some way throughout the day. I also once ordered a pina colada at a townie bar in Wisconsin where there are barefoot children and locals with no teeth, so of course the 75-year-old whiskey soaked bartender looked at me like I had 4 heads and probably poured me a brandy diet or something.

Since having baby G, St. Patty's has been a lot more mellow..last year when I was prego we celebrated with  delicious reubens at W.A. Frost with some friends and yesterday we took a walk, stopped in to North Washington Cafe for a beer and then Gus and I chilled at home while Jefe hung out with his boys. But next year the drunken bus is back on, so St. Paul bars better get ready to pour me some caramel appletinis.

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