Monday, March 28, 2011

Headin Back To Cali.

I've had enough of the snow, chilly temps and ugly twig ready for spring but sadly we're still a few weeks from seeing MN in full bloom. And I just can't wait that long. With our spending May on the Bay in Marin, don't think we'll make it to South Beach this year but I am dying for some sun, surf and sand. So, I've just made an executive decision to work from my parent's house in The OC next week. My family can see baby G walk on his own and celebrate his first birthday a little early..and I can get mani/pedis, massages and eat lots of tacos. It's a win-win. Then we'll come back and celebrate his first birthday with the Twins season opener weekend family baseball outing and BBQ at our loft with friends and family next weekend. In our family, we do birthdays up right and celebrate for at least a week, often in more than one place, so we might as well get him used to it with his very first one.

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