Monday, February 28, 2011

Currently Addicted To: Party Down

Somehow we manage to survive without paying for the Starz channel, so I had never heard of this show until the other night when Jeff came home from playing in the Skyway Open and said our friend A had told him "Party Down" is the funniest show he's ever seen. And while I trust A's humor judgment, he also has an affinity for British spy shows so I was a bit dubious. I figured I would be the judge of that and promptly added it to our Netflix on Demand. Then laughed hysterically while watching several (or possibly nine, it was really cold out okay?) episodes over the weekend. Its about a group of wannabe actors working as caterers in LA who cater different parties each week, which is a hilarious premise for a show, and reminds me both of my days as a waitress and my brief stint as an extra on TV shows in LA - only for fun, I have never aspired to be a thespian. I only know the actors from other things they've done (not by name) but they're all really funny - esp the guy who is now Ben on Parks & Recreation, the girl who was LiLo's first friend in Mean Girls and Sue from Glee. I cannot get enough and will be gobbling up the rest of the episodes in Seasons 1 and 2 as soon as I have time. Check it out.

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