Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Probably Way Too Chubby For This Store, But I'll Still Check It Out..

According to AliShops.com:
"A new BCBG concept, Lola, opened at Mall of America over the weekend. It’s the first storefront for this youthful fast fashion concept. Prices are extremely reasonable: $30 for a shirt dress or sweater, some tops under $10. The boutique is more manageable than competitors like Forever 21 or H&M, and more narrowly focused on cool-girl clubby trends. I’d go back for a fitted jacket, jewelry, perhaps some layering pieces, but I was disappointed not to find more BCBG-style dresses at lower price points. Then, I’m considerably older than Lola."

I miss the days when I was a skinny mini who could buy all my shirts at Forever 21, pair them with a pair of Sevens and hit the town in SF. But since having baby G, my body has totally changed and finding anything I can stuff myself in to without looking like a beluga whale is a lot more difficult. Introducing booze back in to my diet and hitting the hot tub and steam room longer than I normally hit the cardio at the gym has not helped. And the designers aren't much help either..I was downtown the other day and tried to find one warm cozy sweater long enough to wear with leggings and it was surprisingly hard to find. In fact, I didn't..there were a couple of uber boring options at Banana Republic, absolutely nothing at Macy's, so-so options at Saks Off Fifth and one sweater/vest/faux fur contraption I found at Len Druskin outlet that can only be worn with jeans. We live in a pretty chilly state so you would think they would offer better warm, fashionable options, but I never stumble upon them.

Anyhoo, I want to check out this Lola store because my age is currently way more than 21 and all of Forever College's clothes fall apart after two wearings anyway. H&M is hit or miss..I have found a few things I like there but normally wind up not wearing them much. I usually like BCBG's clothes - especially dresses..my favorite being one I bought to wear on Kaskade's New Year's Eve Jet-Set Tour on the private plane when we hit LA, SF and Vegas all in one night, and wore again this past NYE while prego. It was quite versatile, a lovely shimmery gold color and really comfy. Perhaps Lola has a few layering pieces I can add to my wardrobe since nobody seems to be able to design clothes that are both cute and warm.

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