Tuesday, September 22, 2009

12.5 Weeks Prego and Counting.

Well, I've made it official on Facebook so might as well blog about it - My Life on the V-List is on a path to get curiouser and curiouser, and has been for the last couple of months. That's because I am 12.5 weeks prego. I've known for about 10 weeks - and its a hard thing to keep secret, especially when prettymuch all my friends drink, and know the second I refuse a drink, something is up. I've already seen the little bean on the ultrasound, kicking its little legs and moving around, and seen and heard the heartbeat, which of course made me bawl like a baby. It's truly amazing, and miraculous that in just a few short weeks, our baby already has all its parts, can open and close its little fists and is about the size of a large lime. I've already learned a few things in the last 12 weeks:

1. Not drinking is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Sometimes it just tastes gross, so that helps, but I really don't mind drinking a soda water with lots of lemons and limes or a cranberry soda instead of a cocktail at bars. Or even a mocktail - in SF I put bartenders to the test and wound up with some fab virgin mojitos and combo of cran/oj/sparkling water in a martini glass. If I'm out at a restaurant having a nice dinner, sometimes I'll steal a few sips of Jeff's vino or get a small glass of my own, but it made me realize that drinking is just a habit we get used to and its totally unnecessary, and way too caloric. Its also quite nice to never have a hangover and sleep like a log throughout the entire night. Also funny to watch friends get drunk while I'm sotally tober.

2. Let the judging begin. Everyone, especially friends who already have kids, seem to have their own very strong opinions on everything from whether taking a few sips of wine while pregnant is okay to having a doula or not to making organic baby food for their bundles of joy, and they're all only too happy to say its their way or the highway. I'm happy to hear their opinions but am going to have to figure out what works for us and make my own decisions on all these things..it just gets annoying that I know this is just the beginning of everyone being judgy because where parenting and kids are concerned, everyone seems to think they have the right to judge people, which I don't really get. I guess everyone has to think that their way is the best way and they should get the Parent of the Year Award or something.

3. Some parents are thrilled for us and tell us how happy having a child has made them - one friend described it as living in black and white until their first child was born, when they started living life in full color. Which I think is beautiful, and amazing, and true. My bestie and her hubby have the cutest little girl alive and they just sit home and cry because they are so overjoyed she came into their lives. But then I have friends and family members who can't seem to get it together, have kids who cry and scream all the time, are constantly sick and/or messy and apparently some who say "I hate you" to their parents - and they tell us about it, like "welcome to parenthood, this is just how it is." I know its not all caviar and champagne but I think it is what you make of it, and Jeff and I are going to do our best to keep living a fab lifestyle as a happily married couple in love and bring this little bean into our lives. I think you have to do that to stay sane - if you make it all about the kids, things just go insane in the membrane and you start to hate your life. Which I am not going to let happen. I've seen it done right by a few friends and know it can be done.

4. No we are not selling our loft and moving to the burbs and I'd appreciate you keeping your dumb questions about my loft to yourself. Yes there are 2 staircases, which can be blocked with a baby gate. Don't worry, people. We'll keep it safe. We have a beautiful 1850/sf home with lots of room for a baby. Don't tell me he/she needs her own room with a door because I don't believe they do until they are at least 3 years old. Kids adapt to whatever their living space happens to be..whether its a 400/sf apt in NYC or a mud hut in the rainforest. I think we'll manage. I love my home and am not moving from this place for at least 3 years. I loved when Jeff's brother's fat, suburban wife walked in our loft and declared "well, you can't have kids here." Um, I'm sorry, did I happen to mention how much I hate your hellacious cookie cutter McMansion in Hugo and tell you that I would never in a million years live like that? No, so stuff it, lady.

5. I feel like I eat and sleep all the time, much like a baby. And I am loving it. I ate my way through all my favorite restaurants SF last week, and picked up a morning addiction to apple turnovers. Why can't someone build a bakery in my hood (the North Loop) with delicious apple turnovers? Please? Somebody? Anybody? I have been on a pastry finding mission already in my hood and had a delish maple muffin from Java J's and carrot walnut muffin from Moose & Sadie's with butter and marmelade, but its just not the same. I also love just chilling, watching my stories and going to bed early. I sleep so well right now - that will probably change as my bump starts to grow, so I'm enjoying my many hours of rest and relaxation.

6. All these hormones make me a rollercoaster of emotions, so I get annoyed easily and its hard to fake being nice if I'm annoyed. So I apologize in advance, but try not to annoy me while I grow this little human being. It's very strange, but amazing and I can't wait. And Jeff is even more excited than I am.

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