Thursday, February 7, 2013

Twin Cities Grammy Party at The Pourhouse Mpls This Sunday

I normally enjoy watching all the big awards shows at home in my lounge wear but am excited to be working on two fabulous parties this year for the Grammy's and Oscars that will force me to throw on something swanky and some real shoes (not my usual Northface cozy boots no matter how much "wintry mix" is on the ground) and enjoy the awards with other music enthusiasts.

The Grammy's are coming up this Sunday night and I'm especially excited because our friend Kaskade is nominated for Best Dance/Electronica album for "Fire & Ice." In all previous years I have yelled at the laptop when I saw the lame dance nominations and then yelled some more at the TV on Grammy night when Lionel Richie or Gloria Estefan won in the Dance category for any song with a beat because the music industry couldn't figure out that there were talented people writing and producing dance music who were not already Pop/R&B stars who peaked in 1985. Like say, Kaskade. So I'm very happy they are starting to figure out how to nominate actual dance artists for the Dance category. And I really hope he wins. He did a little Q&A for that's pretty awesome - check it out here.

So. Sunday night, I will be out of the house, dressed in an outfit and shoes to walk the red carpet, sipping cocktails with my hubby and friends at The Pourhouse, rooting for my friend Kaskade to win a Grammy, and enjoying live performances by former Viking's defense Esera Tuaolo and rising R&B star Kovan Brown. Can't wait. Join us at The Pourhouse - it will definitely be better than watching at home in jammies. Promise. Tix are only $10, available at the door, and all proceeds will benefit the Aegis Foundation.

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