Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Battle of Good (Obama) vs Evil (Rush Limbaugh)

Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot as Al Franken so eloquently said. Really, a pig in every sense of the word. He even looks like one. I really don't understand why anyone listens to him or gives him air time. I've signed the petition to get advertisers to discontinue their support of his racist, idiotic, vile, misogynistc rants - and many of them are listening. This whole "slut" debacle could finally be the end of Rush, let's hope and pray. Sign the petition here. 

If you have half a brain, it's pretty easy to read this story and watch the video above where Obama calls Sandra Fluke - who Rush called a "slut" - and thanked her for speaking out on the concerns of American women, to see which of these men know how to treat a lady, is  truly a good person and an amazing President, and which one is a horrible piece of garbage/waste of space who will say just about anything to get attention (rhymes with Mush).

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