Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Let The Bullies at MPAA Win.

Sign this petition to get the new movie "Bully" rated PG-13 instead of R so the kids who this is affecting - both those doing the bullying and those who are being bullied - can see it. The bullies at MPAA say its being rated R for "language." Seriously?? Anyone who turns on a TV these days can hear a "bad word" within 2.5 seconds. Just change the F*CKING rating. It looks like an amazing film about a topic nobody ever wants to talk about but cannot be ignored any longer. Especially with what is happening right up the road in Anoka County - bullied kids killing themselves at a beyond alarming rate. This is not okay. And it needs to change. Getting the kids involved in the conversation is a start, so please sign the petition, and go see this movie.

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