Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chik-fil-A Is Coming to MSP and Apparently Is Already Serving Up All Sorts Of Deliciousness At The U of M.

I just learned from this article that there is already a Chik-fil-A location in MN at the U of M, and a full service shop is coming to the MSP Airport this spring. Ummm, this is good news for my mouth but bad for my (somewhat) girlish figure. I tried one of their chicken sammy's for the first time in OC in December and was blown away by the delish factor. I love BBQ sauce and they have like every kind of BBQ, tangy, sweet, spicy sauce imaginable. The chicken nuggets were pretty amazing too and tasted like actual chicken, not the processed unknown substance that make up McNuggets. Apparently I will be heading to the U of M or MSP when the craving for Chik-Fil-A takes over.

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