Monday, February 27, 2012

And The Academy Award For Best Way To Make Fun Of Angelina Jolie's Right Leg Goes To....Dean Pelton from Community.

Real name Jim Rash, who also plays Dean Pelton to much hilarity on "Community" (which thankfully is coming back on air soon..great show) accepted the award for best screenplay for co-writing "The Descendants" from "the original girl with the dragoon tattoo" and promptly made fun of her odd right leg obsession. Of course you can now follow Angie's Leg on Twitter:!/AngiesRightLeg with Tweets like "Leg here!" "Look at me!" "Still here, I'm a leg." Which was funny for about 4.5 seconds.

And  in a similar fashion you can also follow JLo's Nipple: we were watching her and Cammy D up on stage Jeff and I were both like...wait, is that her...ah, yeah, pretty sure it is. Ay dios mio. Still liked her dress tho.

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