Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Guy Took A Road Trip Around America..So You Don't Have To.

Actually he wanted to inspire people to take road trips with this video and I'm all for traveling of any sort, as you know. This video is pretty cool, but I don't think I'll ever take a road trip all the way around America. I like to do it in little chunks. Like fly to SF, stay in the Russian River wine tasting for a weekend with friends, drive to Mendocino and stay overnight, drive a few hours through the majesitc redwoods stopping for hikes along the way, find a cute but strange B&B in the freaky town of Ferndale and hunker down with some vino, then drive to Ashland, OR and enjoy the foliage in Lithia Park, drink some Willamette Valley Pinot Noirs, get a massage, eat some delicious locally grown Oregon cuisine, nosh on some Oregon chocolate, then head back to SF. I did that one..if you like beautiful places, and good wine, I highly recommend it. Or another sort of road trip we took involved a ridiculous amount of good food, wine, massages and hikes and taking the Amtrack from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver. Gorgeous, and no rental car needed. I like to see America, but only the best parts, and in delicious, lovely little chunks. Next on my list - New England in the fall with lots of lahbstah in Bah Hahbah, Maine.

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