Friday, June 10, 2011

Time To Set The DVR:

A few of my favorite premium channel shows are coming back this summer and just in the nick of time...I am starting to despise all of the Real Housewives. Even though I watch the crazy, spoiled bitches of NY, NJ and OC, I kind of hate myself for it. All the more reason to enjoy some quality programming on Showtime & HBO:

True Blood: June 26th

Weeds: June 27th

The Big C: June 27th

Curb Your Enthusiasm: July 10th

Entourage: July 26th

Also, check out the HBO movie "Too Big to Fail," available On Demand and starring prettymuch every talented actor working today, including my uber talented cousin, Chance Kelly. He also starred in HBO's "Generation Kill" as The Godfather and has appeared in lots of movies, shows and commercials. Always fun to see him up on the big screen or silver screen.

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