Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Highlights:

1. Much needed haircuts for Gus and me Friday morning at Brian Graham salon. Love my stylist Trish, who is now the stylist for several of my lady friends who all love her as well. And she's great with Gus, who literally sat in his stroller, read his book and watched me get my haircut until it was his turn, when he just looked in the mirror and watched her cut his hair while wearing his little cape. Kind of amazing for an 18-month-old. He's the best.

2. Grabbed my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season at Dunn Bros and walked Gus to the playground in our neighborhood on a lovely autumn morning post haircut.

3. Several hours Friday afternoon spent at Ivy Spa Club thanks to my ridiculously generous and amazing hubby el Jefe who booked me an 80 minute deep tissue massage with Bobby, my favorite masseuse there. It was pure bliss, and I highly enjoyed the 2 hours of hopping from the steam room, sauna, hot tub and relaxation room post massage. Then it was time to get gussied up for dinner in some of the new duds I bought on my actual birthday and walk across the street to Ba La Grassa for a yummy dinner with some of our favorite friends. I had wanted to meet up with friends at Marvel Bar but realized last week when I went there that it is not very big and gets really packed, so we met up with more friends across the street at Club Jager. Nice to have an amazing birthday celebration without ever leaving my block.

4. Sleeping in and having time to chill Saturday morning/afternoon with a mimo and my current highly addictive bookclub book "Freedom" while Jefe went to grab Gus from his parents in White Bear Lake. Always nice.

5. Late afternoon pizza and salad with our besties E & D and their adorable little girls who were getting ready for a Halloween celebration in their Captain Hook and Tinkerbell outfits, which were hilarious. Gus is going to join them on Halloween for a little trick-or-treating..looking forward to it.

6. A last minute decision to attend the Surge: Drop of Gold benefit at the Minikahda club once I realized I had about 10 friends going and it was for a great cause. Jeff wanted to watch baseball and chill at home with Gus and I had not been out to a benefit in ages. The event was great and we had a fun crew all head out for pizza afterward, then hit a strange loft party into the wee hours and a lot of hilarity ensued.

7. A relaxing, rainy Sunday morning spent reading the New York Times (which we get delivered on Sundays), playing with Gus, listening to music and drinking strong black tea I picked up at the Indian market when I went to pick up dinner for the book club I hosted last week. Loving tea with milk and sugar more than coffee these days. Cheerio, mate.

8. Afternoon of hanging that turned into a nice little spaghetti dinner with our besties A & M and their kids. Gus loved playing with their toys and shoes and we wound up borrowing an adorable Halloween costume for Gus..he'll be super cozy, adorable and put Puff to shame.

9. Getting Gus to bed early and chilling out with lots of candles, a Stoli apple press and the "Real Housewives of NJ" reunion..Theresa is one of the craziest, least self aware people ever and I really don't like her, but I can't seem to get enough. Also got caught up on "Hung," "Dexter," "How To Make It In America," and the new show "Enlightened," which is really good.

10. Buying and listening to Kaskade's new album "Fire & Ice" on repeat. So good!

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