Monday, March 8, 2010

Leave Georgie Alone

Bloggers are buzzing about George Clooney's somewhat strange demeanor and facial expressions at the Oscars last night - saying he might have been a) drunk b) busy growing out his sexy silver fox mop top c) in a tiff with that rude, thoughtless little piggy of a host Alec B d) wishing he were drinking vino on Lake Como instead of dressed up in a monkey suit, stuck in a room filled with botoxed ex-lovahhhs. I've seen his house on Como and I would rather be there too.

Just because Georgie wasn't smiling with his eyes all night, flashing his usual mischievous grin doesn't mean anything..its not easy being debonair and charming all the time. And smiling with your twinkley eyes can be exhausting..maybe he just wasn't feeling it. I saw a little clip of him running by the fans, hilariously giving them high-fives through a fence on the red carpet, so he couldn't have been too upset. CNN can stop listing random, trying way too hard to be funny and not succeeding reasons why George may have been upset. It's just getting really lame, people. Leave Georgie alone!

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