Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Want To Go To There: The Loring Cafe, Oakland

Just saw on Dara's blog that the owner of The Loring Bar & Cafe is opening another Oakland, CA. It's supposed to open this week and the timing is good because we are heading to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving and staying with some friends in the East Bay, so I will be checking it out. The Loring (now Lurcat) was one of my favorite bars ever..when Jeff first brought me from SF to the mini-apple in 2000 and on every visit after that until they closed in 2002, we would meet up with a huge group of friends there and have some cocktails and artichoke dip in huge overstuffed armchairs or out on the patio. It was super bohemian with lots of candles and plants..such a cool space. Semisonic used to perform there and apparently their song "Closing Time" is about The Loring. I hope the one in Oakland is similar..guess I soon shall see.

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