Thursday, September 6, 2012

Instagram is the new Facebook

I know I am probably about 2 years behind the times in realizing this, but lately I have been kind of bored with Facebook. I really only use it for photos since I am one of those people who always carries an old school point and shoot camera in my purse and will actually point and shoot at people, places and things when I remember to. And then somehow they usually turn out pretty well so I wind up posting them, tagging friends, etc. And since I've been doing this since early 2008 I have a lot of photos on there.  Many are of Gus and I have a lot of friends/family around the country and beyond who want to see the cute lil' guy's progress, so it is good for that.

Then with the election going on I'm also getting sick of seeing FB posts from people who I thought had brains and wondering how they could be gullible enough to believe Fox News talking points and then post them as facts.

Luckily, I just discovered the magic of Instagram. Even though I've been using the app for about a year and a half to make my iPhone photos look better, I never really checked out the other things you can do in Instagram. So the other day I finally got with the program, clicked around a bit and found a whole bunch of comments, likes and requests to follow my photos that I had no idea were there. Whoops. But now I'm hooked and will be posting a lot more photos on there in the future.

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