Friday, February 10, 2012

Well Said, Howard Stern.

Please listen to Howard talking about this issue, and read the full article in Rolling Stone. It makes me cry and feel sick to know this is happening 30 minutes from where I live. And that anyone could be this heartless. Michele Bachmann is a horrible person who married a gay man, and this is how she deals with it. Way too many gay teens committing suicide because they are bullied so mercilessly at school in Anoka-Hennpin county. Bullying which is allowed by the school district with their "No Homo Promo" policy and  encouraged at home by their bumblefuck, homophobic, gullible, poor excuses for human being parents. Where do kids get their "values"?? From hearing their parents talk. And there must be some seriously disturbed people living in Anoka county. I truly do not understand how anyone can associate with the Republican party when these are the people "representing" you. And to choose to vote for these people and put them in power?? This country is f*cked in so many ways, I am seriously considering a move to Europe or Canada. 

Read the City Pages article here 

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