Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crazy News of the Day:

According to CNN, "The Italian captain of the cruise ship that ran aground -- killing three person and injuring 20 more -- was arrested late Saturday and is being investigated for manslaughter and abandoning ship, said a local prosecutor in Grosetto, Italy.

The captain, Francesco Schettino, had been earlier interviewed by investigators in Porto Santo Stefano about what happened when the 4,200-passenger Costa Concordia struck rocks in shallow water off Italy's western coast, said
officer Emilio Del Santo of the Coastal Authorities of Livorno."

How exactly does one "abandon ship" after captaining and sinking a massive cruise ship?? Crazy that only three people have died so far, but there are 50-75 more missing in Italian math which probably means about 300. 
This is horrible, and another reason not to take a cruise, ever. Cuz when they have problems, they are pretty horrendous problems, ie sinking, getting everyone on board violently sick, stinking like a sewer, etc.

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