Friday, December 9, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival Experience

I finally got a chance to watch this whole movie, and loved it. Didnt realize Kaskade was in so much of it, interviewed at home with his family, documented arriving at EDC and talking to Tommy Lee and Deadmau5, filmed up on stage with thousands of balloons descending on the crowd of half a million people at LA's Coliseum, etc. It's awesome whether you like dance music or have no idea what it's all about. You can get the move On Demand, on iTunes, buy the DVD, just do it. I got to experience something similar when we were on the NYE Jet-Set Tour - 3 Cities, 1 Night with Kaskade as we rang in 2008 at our first stop in downtown LA, also an Insomniac event with a huge carnival that was completely amazing. Watching this makes me want to move to LA to get more involved in the dance's just so awesome and I love it so much. Or at least attend EDC in Vegas next June...

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