Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Currently Making Me Chuckle:

Mostly because Jeff literally has a relative who is almost exactly like this..drunkenly rambling on about random things he has somehow absorbed from pop culture, but always being more than slightly off. At Thanksgiving dinner that we hosted a couple of weeks he saw my book of Chopin on the piano and said, "ahhh, Choppin." He also recently told me Apple hasn't made computers since the 80s, and was once very confused by my brother-in-law's girlfriend at the time, who had a similar haircut to mine..he thought I had somehow multiplied and when he realized I hadn't and that she was another actual person he said "PPPPPardon Me." After a very sweet toast my father-in-law gave at his wedding, he also stood up, bowed and said "Touche." I could go on..there are too many hilarious stories to mention but this clip is prettymuch what it's like to have dinner with him.

Kinda gross but hilar.

Everything Kristen Wiig does is amazing. Was funny to watch this the day after I finally saw "Bridesmaids," which is one of my favorite movies ever. I laughed my arse off, and cried my eyes out just thinking back on my wedding festivites and how lucky I am to have such amazing ladies in my life who made every part of my wedding from engagement to the big day so special, without any drama at all. And I've met even more fabulous ladies since then and really love them all. Kristen is really pretty and a great actress..funny to see how different she looks in the movie vs as one of the crazy and hilarious characters in horrible outfits she plays so well on SNL.

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