Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Highlights:

My parents came up from the OC to hang with Gus Sat-Tues, which gave us three fabulous date nights in the Bay Area. Pretty sweet.

*Visit to the SF MOMA to check out Picasso, Matisse and the Paris Avant Garde, which was a wonderful exhibition. Gus was a little restless so I just had to power through it but got to see some amazing paintings. Matisse is my favorite artist, so I was happy. Then I took him up to the rooftop garden where he danced with his shadow and tried to steal people's shoes.

*Tapas and sangria in the Mission with my friend Gigi and Gus - apparently he loves tapas since he gobbled them down, followed by some bubbly at the Moroccan hookah lounge next to The Pork Store..very swanky.

*A surprise birthday party for a good friend in the East Bay, held at their swim & tennis club which we had visited the weekend before as well. We feasted on yummy southern food, drank good vino, swam, hot tubbed, ate chocolate cake and hung with some very cool peeps.

*Excellent dinner and fantastic cocktails at the very swanky 620 Jones with good friends..we all shared fantastic ribs, truffled popcorn, truffled fries, salads, pizzas and calamari..and the watermelon cosmo was beyond.

*VIP Treatment at Ruby Skye for my friend Andy Caldwell who is one of the coolest (and let's face it,  hottest) guys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He totally hooked us up. We had a crew of six people and when we arrived the line was around the block. I went right up to the bouncer and told him we were on Andy's list and we were whisked inside within 2 minutes, with VIP wrist bands. We made our way through the completely packed club up to the stage and found our cozy little VIP area behind the DJ booth with couches and free bottle service. This club knows how to get it done. Andy played an incredible set and we got to chat for a bit. A fabulous time was had by all. We all crashed at our friend's place in the inner-sunset, my old neighborhood.

*Brunch of champions: philly cheese steaks from Cafe Metro, followed by hoodie shopping across the street at Upper Playground..I picked up a pretty sweet light blue one with clouds scattered around it...very cozy, perfect for the foggy Bay Area.

*A hike with the parents and Gus down the Tennesee Valley Trail..1.5 miles each way to the gorgeous little Tennesee Valley Beach which worked up our appetite for expensive sushi..

*Date night at Sushi Ran. I had heard for years that Sushi Ran had the best sushi in the Bay Area but for some reason we never got over to Sausalito to try it. But we are currently literally staying next door so we figured we had to give it a go and I'm so glad we did. It is pricey..sashimi is $5-10 per piece but the maki rolls aren't too bad. We had the creamy scallop and soft shell crab rolls and some shiramaguro sashimi - all fresh and delicious. Washed them down with lots of warm sake and some saporro on tap and we were good to go.

*Cocktails and dessert Plate Shop also right in our hood..we sat at the bar and had the very talented mixologist create some amazing artisan cocktails..a velvetty manhattan and muddled strawberry concoction that I probably didn't nedd but it was delish and went well with the strawberry creme fraiche cake.

*Wood-fired pizza, salad and some white vino at Bar Bocce, also right by our sublet..it most likely has the best view of any bar in America. There's a little beach you can hang out on with your drink, plus a bocce court. Brillz.

*"Midnight in Paris" at the movie theater also next to our place. I LOVE this movie. Go see it immediately if you haven't already. Definitely my favorite Woody Allen movie, maybe one of my top movies of all time. I heart Owen Wilson, and Paris and the roaring 20s and everything about this movie.

*A post-movie drink at the bar of Sushi Ran..Monday nights they have $1 oysters, $3 sake and $4 beers. I highly recommend.

*And last weekend.. Jefe was nice enough to hang with baby G and let me go out with my girls in the city so we could see Mark Farina at Mighty who was funky and amazing, as per usual. Love him. Super fun night out in SF..stayed at my friend's place, had brunch the next day at Curbside in the Fillmore (best bloody mary's ever) then we took the ferry back to Sausalito and Jefe cooked us up some steak and black pepper pasta fresh from the farmer's market. #besthubbyever

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