Monday, June 6, 2011

Yet Another Reason To Love Minneapolis: Northern Spark Festival

Saturday night at sunset - Sunday morning at sunrise, Minneapolis and St. Paul were aglow in a festival of light and sound at the Northern Spark Festival, an all-night city-wide art festival modeled after the nuit blanche, or "white night" festivals of Europe. I stole these photos from my friend's LOL-OMG and Art of Wore blogs - check out more photos there or on the Northern Spark FB page.

Unfortunately I missed it because we went out to pick up Gus from Jeff's parents in White Bear Lake Saturday afternoon, had my favorite avocado chicken salad for lunch with them at Washington Square, then headed out to our friend's house on Clear Lake for an afternoon of boating, jet skiing, grilling, relaxing in the hammock and drinking..which led to a BBQ dinner, bonfire, more drinking and staying overnight.. then waking up, having some breakfast and mimos, lounging in the sun all day, doing more jet skiing (I even took it for a spin by myself which I had never done before and was fantastic) and hanging out until til 4:30 pm the next day, when we headed off to another friend's awesome BBQ in St. Paul. Busy Busy. We had Jeff's parents watch Gus Friday night so we could watch 50+drag queens break the Guinness World Record for Most Drag Queens on Stage, grab a late dinner at 112 Eatery and check out the gorgeous new 400 Sound Bar (by the same owners of 414 Sound Bar..) so it would have been tough to attend an all night art fest with the little guy.  But next year we will get a babysitter and stay out all night at the Norther Lights Fest for sure..looks like it was pretty spectacular.

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