Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Busy.

My Life on the V-List has been pretty light on the VimLab work lately (which is a welcome break) and heavy on the social calendar..this past week was one of the busiest in recent memory but super's what we've been up to/my excuse for not blogging. And apparently I only take photos of cakes now cuz these are all I can find...

*Lunch at Mill Valley Kitchen with my bestie, her two adorable girls and Gus while our hubbies golfed. I loved the decor and the healthy menu..they even list the calories for each dish like they do in NYC, which is helpful. I had a delightful turkey avocado sandwich and iced tea.

*Father's Day at Target Field with Gus, Jeff, his dad and brother. Awesome day where we got to celebrate El Jefe and what an amazing daddy he is. Gus and I are both very lucky.

*Dinner at Bar La Grassa with one of my besties in town from Marin and some other great friends, followed by drinks on our roof deck that ended around 2 am, only because it started pouring rain.

*Neighborhood play group with some cool moms and babies from the hood. I learned from one of them that the former North Washington Cafe will have a new tenant soon who plans to keep it quite similar to NWC and offer a taco bar during the day, full menu, coffee/beer/wine, live music, etc. Can't wait til it opens in early July.

*Super fun night out in Uptown with very good friends..starting with cocktails at Cafeteria, then sushi and hot sake at Sushi Tango, live music at Cause and a late night pizza at Dulano's cuz we walked by on the way to the car and thought, "Why not?"

*Chilling on our roofdeck in the garden lounge whenever possible and when the weather cooperates now that I have it all colorful and overflowing with flowers. Loves.

*Play date with a cool mommy friend and her son at Barrio Lowertown..we tried to go to the Children's Museum but it closed too early so just enjoyed some happy hour margs/sangria, chicken quesadillas and tacos. My kind of play date.

*Play date with another cool mommy friend in Uptown..walked around Lake of the Isles then went to the rooftop at Uptown Cafeteria for tuna melts, white wine and mod decor that doubles as a great play area for the boys. They love it up there, and so do we. It's a win-win.

*Margarita by the pool at the CBC, then a quick hot tub and steam before grabbing G from the nursery.

*Fun bugs & butterflies themed birthday party for my favorite 3-year-old with good friends.

*Studio 54 themed cocktail party at Evolution salon - they know how to throw a party and always offer free (!!) cocktails, good music, go-go dancers, sassy decor and fabulous people. Ran in to and caught up with lots of friends, but it got too crazy busy around midnight, so many of our friends departed for the VFW next door while we hopped in a cab and grabbed a late night snack in the bar of Bar La Grassa before walking home..across the street.

*Brunch of french toast, coffee, a bellini and the NYT at Haute Dish..had to take advantage of the fact that Jeff's sister was very generously watching G overnight and bringing him to a graduation party at 2:00, and brunch is just not as relaxing with a 14-month-old who wants to run around.

*High school graduation party for our niece waaay out in Stacy, MN. First time I had been to the home of one of Jeff's four brothers, in 11 years. It's really far away. Was good to see the family, and get Gus..I missed that little guy like crazy.

*Couples baby shower for some fantastic friends that was a long, relaxed BBQ and really nice..lots of little kids running around, fun people, great brats, burgers and beers and seriously amazing home made cake and ice cream. Plus someone gave them a copy of "Go The F*ck To Sleep," which papa-to-be M read with gusto - hilarious.

*A relaxing Sunday night of TV watching..highly enjoying the season premiere of "True Blood," which was awesome, and "Real Housewives of NJ," which I can't seem to get enough of. I'm not proud. Also caught the Showtime documentary on Hugh Hefner which was really interesting. He has done a lot more in his life than date several collagen & silicone enhanced ladies at once..through the years he has been quite an activist and done a lot for civil rights, women's rights, changed insane sexual laws and fought the good fight against religious zealots and right wing lunatics. I have a new respect for Hef. Check it out.

*Next up: hosting a few BBQs at our place this week, a Twins game, sadly turning in my convertible baby bug whose 2nd lease is up after 6 years and getting something else more "family friendly," then heading to a friend's cabin Friday afternoon with some of our favorite peeps for a weekend of boating, floating, relaxing, bonfires, towny bars, gossip mags, golfing, laughing, etc. Can't wait.

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  1. Wow, that's quite an excellent start to Summer, despite the uncooperative weather! :)

    I feel kind of lost with True Blood. I was a huge fan for the first 2 seasons, but I sort of faked it through Season 3. The premiere last night didn't really excite me that much. I guess I might have been spoiled by Game of Thrones, which just ended. I'll probably wait until Winter to catch up the rest of True Blood.

    I heard a rumor about a possible house boat ride in August!? :)

    BTW, Andy Caldwell has resumed with his monthly podcasts. There are 3 new ones since April 2011.