Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Day In The Life of a Fashion Event Publicist:

This is how my day went on Saturday as the publicist for Sol Inspirations. Super fun, but a wee bit exhausting:

4:20 am: wake up (I normally only wake up this early to catch a flight, or give my baby his bottle..he then goes back to sleep until 8 or 9 am.)

5:45 am: arrive at MSP with a friend of my client's to pick up Seth Aaron who has just arrived on a red eye from Portland. Say to him as we're walking to the car and notice he only has a laptop bag, 'wow, you travel light,' to which he responds, "no I don't, I have two suitcases in baggage claim with all the cltohes for the show!"

6:15 am: hop in the car and go get bags. All is good.

7:00 am: arrive at Keys Cafe at the W for breakfast with Seth Aaron and client's friend. We are all laughing, chatting, get along famously.

7:01 am: we think it's a good time for a bloody mary and try to order one to go with our classic breakfasts of eggs, sausage and toast. We are promptly denied, until 8:00 am (stupid MN liquor laws.)

7:59 am: order a bellini. Seth orders a bloody mary. All is good.

9:00 am: drive Seth to his hotel. There is a waterslide. He is excited to try it out.

9:30 am: get back to my car and drive to the Calhoun Beach Club for a work out..somehow I managed to pack a gym back at 4 am. Don't ask how this happened.

10:50 am: after working my arse off on the cardio machines in a last minute attempt to lose 20 pounds before the event later that night, swim some laps, relax in the hot tub, read in the sauna, sweat in the steam room, shower off then attempt something I've never done before: the tanning booth, in an attempt to not look like Casper the Friendly Ghost in my new fcuk dress. I last 5 minutes but freak out about the damage to my skin and get doesn't do much.

12:15 pm: after a few errands, sit in my car to listen to Seth Aaron on 107.1 FM with Allison Kaplan, an interview I had set up that I was a little worried he might sleep through after his red eye flight, but he called in and was awesome. Love hearing/seeing/reading/watching interviews I have set makes all the hard work worth it.

1:00 pm: buzz home to catch up with friends who are visiting from Portland and are over at our loft for lunch: Be'wiched sandwiches and beers. Great to see them.

3:15 pm: leave my friends and head to Starbucks for a latte since fatigue is setting in, then get a relaxing and much needed mani/pedi.

4:30 pm: put on my new light pink fcuk dress, attempt to put on some make up even though I am not very good at it and realize my experimental hair do I had attempted earlier at the CBC is a hair don't, but it's too late to do anything about it.

5:30 pm: have Jefe drop me off at The Depot, then drive Gus out to his aunt's house in Champlin where he'll be staying overnight and into Easter, giving mommy and daddy a nice little break.

6:30 pm: first friends start to arrive at the VIP Reception. Grab a glass of white wine and start to relax. Introduce myself to Christopher Straub, who is fantastic, and say hi to Seth Aaron, introduce him to my fab friends who came to the event before he is whisked off to take some pics.

7:30 pm: Jefe finally arrives back from Champlin and meets our little gang, grabs some vino and settles in to his front row seat to catch the fashion show.

7:45 pm: introduce myself to Allison Kaplan from Mpls St. Paul Magazine, who is lovely. Made sure she had everything she needed for video above, which turned out great.

8:00 pm: the eco-fashion show is awesome..I love just about every look and am really happy I was able to work on this event.

9:00 pm: event ends, hang out with friends, take some fun photos, head to dinner at Red Stagg.

12:30 am: it's been a long, exhausting day but a super fun one..and we have these photos to prove it. (see should have tanned longer and hair don't)

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