Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby G Visits: Disneyland

I grew up about 20 minutes south of Disneyland and very happily spent a lot of my youth there. So, I was pretty excited to take my own child to experience "the magic" for the first time. He's only 10 months so I knew he wouldn't enjoy it as much as he will when he's 3,5,7,9 etc but I was able to get in for free (I have my ways) so decided to take him there for a few hours on a not too crowded, sunny Thursday afternoon to try out some rides. We made it on Casey Jr, the merry-go-round, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo submarine, looked at Toon Town, checked out the Tiki Room, shared a Dole Pineapple Float, walked through fake New Orleans, visited a Tomorrowland that seriously needs to be updated and tried to visit Winnie The Pooh's ride in Critter Country but that whole area was under construction. Unfortunately, Small World was also closed that day - its the one ride I think Baby G would have really liked. He seemed to kind of enjoy the rides but really loved looking at other kids and smiling back at strangers in the lines (which he hated since he wanted to get down and crawl but I wouldn't him..might be the happiest but its definitely not the cleanest place on earth). Jeff hates all things Disney as much as I love it..especially Disneyland, which I've dragged him to several times, so we're still not sure which side of the Disney gene Baby G got. After the first visit I'd say he's on the Jefe side of Disney..but time will tell.

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