Thursday, March 11, 2010

That's A Lot of Wings.

According to the Star Tribune, "The Hooters in downtown Minneapolis has been slapped with an eviction notice. The restaurant, which is still open, owes Block E Realty $442,564 for back rent, penalties and other charges going back to April 2007, according to documents filed Thursday in Hennepin County District Court.

Steven Marso, who owns the restaurant with his brother John, disputes the amount. He said Friday he's made "multiple payments" and has been trying to work with Block E management for more than a year to reduce the rent or come up with a payment plan, "to no avail."

Representatives for Block E did not return phone calls. An eviction hearing is scheduled for March 15."

Keeping my fingers crossed that this corporate monstrosity goes out of biz ASAP and is replaced with a chef owned/operated bar/restaurant that's a little classier. I's impossible to beat Hooters in the classy dept with all those..wings. Or better yet, bulldoze the entire eyesore/huge mistake that is Block E and create a park with restaurants and shops like a normal city. It's seriously an embarrassment to downtown Minneapolis and makes a pretty hip city look like a chain loving, bumpkintown filled with chubby white guys in Vikings jerseys. All the best restaurants and coolest neighborhoods are spread far and wide throughout the Twin Cities..and downtown is left with some of the lamest establishments imaginable. The City Planners in Minneapolis who approved Block E must all be suburban f*cktards who wanted to bring their beloved burbs into downtown so Joe Six Pack from Woodbury would feel comfy enough to drive his SUV into downtown to attend sporting events - and dodge the inevitable bullets he thinks will be flying in the big, bad city. Because he's an idiot. Unfortunately, their plan has failed miserably. Block E is like a ghost town/ghetto hangout for people with nothing to do during the day. The only time I get near Block E is to have dinner or drinks at the Graves 601 - a gorgeous hotel that is unfortunately situated next to a Hard Rock Cafe. Which Minneapolis built in the 2000s..about 20 years later than every other city. PS: collecting Hard Rock tees from around the world hasn't been cool since 1988..when I actually bought one in Hong Kong while on a biz trip with my dad. And wore it proudly.

Ugh..they better put some cooler places in around the new Target Field or else I'm heading back to Cali. Take a clue from San Diego, who managed to turn their Gaslamp District, which not long ago was filled with empty warehouses, into a thriving metropolis of swanky bars, rooftop lounges, restaurants and hotels that surround their downtown outdoor ballpark. Jefe and I were just reminiscing about a fab night we had in the Gaslamp a few years ago - we got a room at the Omni Hotel, walked about 3 blocks to have dinner at an uber swanky restaurant, had drinks on a rooftop with friends, then hopped in a sort of rickshaw ride led by a guy on a bike a few blocks to Onyx bar/nightclub where we saw Kaskade spin, then walked to an after-party at his friend's downtown loft and stumbled back to the Omni. Maybe someday we'll be able to have a similar night in Minneapolis if they can figure out how to make the area surrounding Target Field a lot more hip. Le sigh...

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