Monday, January 21, 2013

Currently Missing: Laguna Beach

On days like today when it is -7 in MN and I refuse to even venture outside into the stark white tundra, I start to miss my colorful homeland of SoCal and think about moving back there. We were staying in Laguna Beach just a few short weeks ago at our favorite sublet 3 blocks from the ocean and could walk down to watch the sunset every night. And every single one was spectacular. The little coves and gorgeous beaches of Laguna are my favorite anywhere. But when I'm there, as much as I love walking on the beach and enjoying the gorgeous sunsets, life is a little too sleepy, culture and nightlife are a little too nonexistent and we miss our fabulous friends and very busy urban social life in our little city of Minneapolis, so I know its not time to head west just yet..but maybe someday. Like when we have $2.5 million for a place on the beach.

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