Saturday, June 2, 2012

Greetings From NYC

After spending a few weeks in fabulous New York City, here are a few things I have learned. Sorry for the radio silence on the blog..Gus and I have been doing an extreme amount of urban exploring and we are loving every minute of it. More photos coming soon..

1. Brooklyn is where it's at.

2. If I ever move to NY, it will be to Brooklyn. I love Williamsburg, Dumbo, Fort Greene, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. All beautiful, amazing and ridiculously kid-friendly...with Manhattan a short subway or ferry ride away.

3. Gus really, really loves all the parks. Since we walk everywhere, every time we see one (which is often) he just points to it and shouts "Yep!" or "Yay!" And we go in. Kids are very friendly, almost all of them have some sort of water feature to cool off in and a plethora of bikes for the kids to use (in the fancier areas.) He has become obsessed with these little scooters most kids have and when he goes up to check them out, many kids let him borrow it for a while which thrills him to no end.

4. The East River Ferry is awesome. A typical Saturday during our stay in Williamsburg included visiting the Smorgasburg, a foodie feast on the water overlooking Manhattan for every type of delicious food you can imagine, then hopping on the ferry to take Gus to the carousel and amazing park in Dumbo, then grabbing some refreshing white wine while he naps in his stroller at one of the many wine bars surrounded by art galleries, lofts and restaurants..all with a pretty spectacular view.

5. The rooftop bar at the new Wythe Hotel on Wythe and 11th Ave N in Williamsburg is a pretty ridiculous place to have a glass of rose (pictured above). But like almost everything cool in NY, you have to go on a weeknight because on weekends there's a line for the elevator to get up there and that just won't do.

6. Some of the hippest/coolest/best designed coffee shops, bars and restaurants I've ever seen are located in North Williamsburg, especially the area between Metropolitan and 12th, Wythe and Berry.

7. I love the West Village and wish I were rich so I could move there immediately. Gus and I went to a park yesterday close to Magnolia bakery and after sampling one of their cupcakes (which didn't knock my socks off) went to the playground and had a celebrity daddy sighting - Steve from Sex and the City. I don't know his real name but Jefe can do an awesome impression of him saying "Miraaannddaaaa?!?" Apparently lots of celebs and their tots frequent this park, and we can walk there from our fab East Village sublet (in Alphabet City which I also love), so it will be one of our hangouts while we are here.

8. NoLiTa and Soho are two of my favorite neighborhoods anywhere. I think most people would agree. I heart being there, especially shopping there. Even popped in and got my hair cut at a salon in NoLiTa today while G was napping and then went next door for amazing fish and shrimp tacos, then walked to Soho to visit a friend who works at a fab shop there and do a little shopping.

9. The food and cocktails here are beyond ridic (der). Diner in Williamsburg is one of my new all-time top favorite restaurants.

10. After lugging a 26 pound toddler and his stroller up 5 flights of stairs to our E Village apt, up and down several flights of subway stairs and walking at least 5-10 miles every day to the point of exhaustion where a soak in the tub with a glass of wine is necessary, I've realized NYC is my own personal (fancy) summer fat camp. Just with better food and drinks..and perhaps if I weren't popping in for iced coffees, iced teas, gourmet popsicles, ice cream, Italian ices, etc throughout the day to beat the heat I might actually lose a few pounds or something.

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