Monday, February 6, 2012

Her Madgesty Ruled The Superbowl.

Our Superbowl plans included going for a family swim/hot tub/steam at the CBC, gobbling up some free tacos and beers at Urban Eatery at the pre-Superbowl party for CBC members then going to a friend's house for a fun little Superbowl gathering. I barely watched the game but did tune in to see Madonna's half time show, which was pretty entertaining. Could have done without the sparkly little Cee Lo freak..not sure why he was involved in the show at all. I think his 15 minutes were up about 17 minutes ago.

In other news, kind of crazy that LMFAO's RedFoo who was carrying Madonna around and letting her do the line "i work out" (haha) was just hanging/performing with my friend Kaskade and Paris Hilton at Sundance a few weeks ago, which I know because I follow Paris on Twitter since she Tweets about and posts photos of Kaskade a lot. Loves it, sexy bitches.

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