Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Busy.

Wowsa, still recovering from a ridiculously fun, action packed weekend. I'm going to need to use this week to recover as it seems every weekend is filling up with lots of birthday dinners for fun friends. Even tho it looks like this outside and I might start California dreaming every once in a while, I feel very fortunate to have a lot of really great friends here who can keep our social calendar full. And we just don't have that in Cali, as gorgeous as it is.

*Friday night cozy home made pizza, salad and vino dinner party at our good friend's L&K's house. Their twin boys played with Gus and he was very happy running around with them. Spent a lot of time downstairs in their awesome new basement and were so cozy that we wound up staying over in the guest bedroom Gus was already sleeping in. Quite convenient.

*Morning coffee with our friends, then home to change and head over to our other good friends E&D's house for a yummy brunch of broccoli quiche, bagels, lox, fruit, mimos and a bloody mary bar. Gus played with their adorable two little girls and wore himself out for a nice Saturday afternoon nap that gave us some time to chill.

*Saturday night drinks at our place, dinner at the always delish 112 with some super fun friends, K&P and J&C, followed by martinis at the Monte Carlo and walking back home. Love living where we do.

*Sunday chili party in our building with all the and delish. Then Jefe took Gus out to his parent's in wbl and we hit the Lakers/TWolves game with our friends P&N. It was a great game that kept us on the edge of our seats.. they almost caught up but alas could not beat the mighty Lakers. Was fun to see the new little Spaniard Rubio and his passing abilities. Then it was on to The Loop for nachos, wings and beers, then home.

*Next up: a Thai Yoga massage, hot tub, steam tonight (much needed) followed by Tum Rup Thai, lunch and hh with fun friends Wednesday, dinner at Travail with more fun friends Friday and it keeps going like that throughout the month, which definitely helps me get through winter. Gotta stay warm, busy and well fed.

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