Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fabulous Day on Tomales Bay.

A few weeks ago during our September adventure in the Bay Area, we joined some good friends for a day on Tomales Bay spent eating fresh oysters we grilled and shucked right there, vino and a fabulous spread of cheeses, salads, dips, sides and bread we all brought. The kids played down in the sand and we enjoyed good food, conversation and music in a beautiful place. It was one of those days that when you live in the Bay Area make the high cost of living, traffic and assorted annoyances all worth it. Because you live there and can go there whenever you want..although for some reason we never did this when we did live in SF.  For us it was just a great addition to our time out there, and I will definitely bring more friends to feast on oysters when we're back out there this winter.

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