Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kaskade Pool Party @ Encore Beach Club - Labor Day Weekend Madness

This past Sunday afternoon was one of my favorites ever. Might have been the incredible set by our friend Kaskade, or beating the 105 degree desert heat by hopping in the pool along with about 50,000 where you could barely see the water it was so packed with guidos and guidettes, chilling in the VIP section of Encore Beach Club with Jefe, friends and bottle service where the Dom and Grey Goose cocktails were flowing, or the fact that two of the Black Eyed Peas: and were also chilling alongside us in the VIP. I snuck a few pics when they weren't looking. It was one amazing day, followed by a bit of catching up with Kaskade, his wife and friends at dinner after the show and a little too much Vegas debauchery the rest of the night for Jefe and me, followed by a day of poolside chilling, another huge Kaskade show, then a spa day..more to come on those. Needless to say, I love Kaskade.

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