Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Most Famous Diablo:

I highly recommend picking up the September issue of GQ and getting to know their cover model, NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez. Besides being really easy on the eyes, he seems like such a nice guy who doesn't take anything for granted, loves Broadway musicals and is a "really good sleeper"..definitely not your typical athlete. I happened upon a copy of GQ at the gym last night and read the whole article while sweating out a debaucherous weekend (boat party + Jeff's 20th high school reunion.) I've known about Mr. Sanchez for quite a while because he was the star QB at my alma mater, Mission Viejo High School before he went on to play at USC and was then first pick for the Jets. My mom is on the school board in The OC and has met him a few times and said he's a great guy. Everyone is quite proud of our little Diablo. Yes, our mascot was and still is a cartoonish devil, much to the chagrin of the born-agains who tried to get it changed during my high school years, but couldn't. Ha.

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